Eurocode 7 - geotechnical design


Eurocode 7 - geotechnical design

Future development of Eurocode 7


TC250/SC7 (the committee responsible for Eurocode 7) is conducting a survey of National Standards Bodies regarding possible future development of the code.

To make sure the committee gets as much feedback on the existing code as possible, an online survey is being conducted via this website to garner the opinions of practising engineers.

This survey opens on 1st November 2010. The closing date has been extended to 25th March 2011.

Possible future developments

The survey covers a total of 29 possible improvements that could be made to Eurocode 7, under the headings:

  • Possible additions to Eurocode 7
  • Possible improvements to existing text
  • Possible revisoons to existing text

Respondants are asked to select the 10 most important improvements they would like to see, in order of priority (10 = most important, 9 = second most important; etc., down to 1 = tenth most important).

A PDF version of the survey is available for download here. Please use this to decide how you want to vote before completing the survey online (see panel on the right hand side of this page for instructions about this).

Reporting the results

As Chairman of SC7, I (Andrew Bond) plan to report the results of this survey in a future issue of Ground Engineering magazine. Please visit this website from time to time to see further announcements about this.

Instructions for completing the online survey

The online survey lists 29 possible improvements to Eurocode 7. Please vote for the 10 most important items in order of their importance to you (10 = most important, 9 = second most important; etc., down to 1= least important of your top 10).

Do NOT give more than one item a vote of 10 (or 9, or 8, etc). You have a maximum of 55 votes to cast. Anyone casting more than 55 votes (e.g. by selecting 10 items with priority = 10) will have theire votes scaled down to a total of 55. Hence you will dilute the important of your most important choice if you cast too many votes.

Please also answer a couple of questions about yourself, to help us understand the level of knowledge of the repsondants.

If you encounter any difficulties with this process, please send an email to our webmaster and we will try to resolve them.

The survey

You can find the online survey here.


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